With its headquarters in India, Techpeninsula operates across the United States of America and provides independent technical service to business owners as well as individuals.
We offer a wide range of services that include the installation, setting up, configuration of hardware and software, resolution of compatibility issues, connectivity problems, erroneous functioning of PC and its components, and so on. We also repair and resolve issues related to printers, scanners, notebooks, and routers. The premier MCSE credentials earned by our team testify that we have the skills necessary for the successful design, implementation and administration of the most advanced Microsoft Windows platform and Microsoft server products.
With the help our team of skillful and knowledgeable technicians, we provide instant remote support to get you out of trouble as soon as possible.
We ensure that our services are available 24/7, throughout the year so that your work never comes to a standstill, no matter how complicated the issue is.
Remote Management Services –
The computer repair services offered by Techpeninsula are the best in the industry. Techpeninsula Remote Management Services deploys services to equipment installed behind customer firewalls securely, via the Internet. Our solution has been designed with objectives of high performance & security at every level of its architecture. It makes use of Web services to communicate over the Internet and links Techpeninsula equipment to a central server at the Techpeninsula support center.
The Agent software that handles Remote Management Services functions at your site. It is installed directly as a software download that Techpeninsula sends as an email attachment or via Live chat. The software takes only about a minute to download and it is compatible with all known firewalls and broadband routers and requires no configuration.

Mail us on : support@techpeninsula.com
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