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Disk Tuner- One stop utility app and doctor for your hard drive!

Disk Tuner is a simple Disk Defragmentation program. You can defragment multiple disks or select individual files or folders for defragmentation. Disk Tuner allows you to set the priority of the application and can tell your computer to shut itself down when the defragmentation process is complete—a handy feature when you want it to scan and defragment while you’re sleeping but don’t want to leave your computer idling all night. Disk Tuner is a free and portable application.

One of Disk Tuner biggest claims to fame is what they call “Space Restoration Technology”. On top of optimizing your disks during actual defragmentation, Disk Tuner monitors disk writing to ensure that future files are written in the most efficient way possible in order to cut down on potential defragmentation. Disk Tuner will also analyse your data usage and create optimization patterns suited for your style of file use and work. It can be scheduled or set to run when the computer is idle for continuous defragmentation.

  • Disk Error Check and Repair
  • Analyse and Optimize System Disk
  • Find and Remove Duplicate Files
  • Clean Junks of Browsers

Supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP… (32 and 64 bit based operating systems)


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